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Santa, Elves and the Gentleman (Santa’s Summer).

'Santa, Elves and the Gentleman (Santa’s Summer). - Vail, CO'
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It’sy Elf yells wake up Santa wake up, Santa groggily goes what time is it? It’sy goes summer time you’ve been sleeping since Christmas, It’s a annual thing Santa sleeps for so long after Christmas, But on this day Santa wakes up to the birds singing, the flower blooming, Santa goes to It’sy grab my shorts we got things to do. Santa up and about walking around in Santaland sees the Gentleman goes we got presents to make but right now I have to check in with Mrs. Claus see how it’s going after sleeping so long but will meet up in one hour. Elves already have enough wood from the Forrest for this year presents, Santa goes will start with Iffy Elve and the Birdhouse line on Monday have Itchy Elve make all the name tags, Itchy goes to Santa how will you remember all the names and who they go to? because I’m Santa Claus. After working so hard for awhile Santa gets on his Bullhorn, says break time, Ernie Elve after awhile wants to share a story about this one Christmas Eve, Rudolph’s sleigh out in front of Santa’s waiting to go Santa was sound asleep. Mrs. Claus goes Santa wake up it’s Christmas Eve, Santa jumps out of bed runs out to Rudolph in his pajamas Mrs. Claus standing by the door Santa’s suit in her hand, rolls her eyes, goes to Santa did you forget something. Wrote six different adventures on PDF with pictures. If interested send your email address in envelope I’ll send back to you on PDF there all in color w/cool fonts send to Richard Lofgren Cherrywood 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304. Will shred email addresses after sent.
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